More frisking space and less stress

A healthy salmon thriving in the net pen is a salmon that grows well and produces an excellent final product. That is why we place great emphasis on facilitating excellent fish health and welfare in our farming facilities.

An important factor to ensure successful salmon farming and supply of a quality product is to take account of the welfare and health of the fish. All our locations are positioned at sites that offer clean water and excellent current conditions, which allow the salmon to swim against the current and develop into strong, healthy fish. In order to reduce the fish density, we have also invested in net pens that feature larger, deeper nets than is customary in the industry. This provides the salmon with more frisking space, in which fully grown salmon swim in an environment that comprises 99 per cent water and just one per cent fish.

Additionally, deeper nets mean that the salmon can choose – to a far greater extent – at what depth they want to be. Salmon prefer temperatures between six and 14 degrees. During the summer, it is often too warm in the upper layers of water, and during the winter it is too cold. The temperature is more suitable in the deeper water layers. We give the salmon the opportunity to go where they are happiest.

When a fish is put into a net pen, we leave it there until it is fully grown. We do not sort the salmon in the net pens, nor do we remove them. This means we avoid situations that may cause the fish unnecessary stress.