Full control

By knowing the history of each and every fish, and by monitoring and checking our production processes, we ensure that our salmon are of the highest quality.

To ensure that we supply healthy, first class salmon products, Bremnes Seashore has a strict quality assurance system in place. Two of the key pillars of this system are traceable products and the control and monitoring of our production processes.

We ensure that our products are traceable. This means that we can follow the history of each and every fish from roe to finished product. We do this with the aid of a production system that marks, monitors and ties together all data about each individual fish.

Microbiological and chemical analyses of products, production equipment and water are conducted in line with a dedicated inspection schedule. Temperature measurements and cleaning checks are also key elements of ensuring product quality. The measurement of parameters such as quality grading, colour and fat content help us to produce fish that are of equal quality and correspond to our customer specifications.

In addition to our own comprehensive inspection procedures, we are also inspected by both our customers and the authorities. We are subject to approximately 30 external audits on an annual basis. Several of our customers have their own quality requirements in place and monitor us closely – through inspections, among other things – in order to ensure that we deliver in line with their requirements. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Directorate of Fisheries are two of the representatives of the authorities that conduct regular checks on our production processes. They require, among other things, that regulations relating to internal checks (IK Aquaculture) are implemented and complied with at all farming facilities, and that we conduct our own checks in our slaughter and processing plants.