Excellent systems

Bremnes Seashore wants to create healthy, safe and good working conditions for all its employees. We do this with the aid of systematic health, safety and environment work, as well as through excellent welfare schemes.

Occupational health service

Bremnes Seashore works closely with our local occupational health service, Ysst HMS. They are part of our safety and environmental organisation, and work together with companies to create healthy, safe working conditions. All employees are offered regular health checks by the occupational health service.

Prevention of repetitive strain injuries

We have implemented several measures to prevent repetitive strain injuries to our employees:

  • Friskus: We believe that people who exercise are stronger, happier, experience fewer repetitive strain injuries and get less worn out. Through our fitness campaign, Friskus, we want to focus solely on health and exercise. All employees can participate, and everyone who reaches a certain points total in the month receives a reward. Every six months we hold a draw for our keenest exercisers where they have the opportunity to win travel gift cards.
  • Physiotherapy and chiropractor: Bremnes Seashore provides its employees with health insurance that covers, among other things, up to 12 treatments by a physiotherapist and up to six treatments by a chiropractor per year and per incident.
  • Stretch bench: Bremnes Seashore has a Mastercare stretch bench to help you if you have shoulder or back problems. This has helped to give several people a better day-to-day work life.


We have a cafeteria with a dedicated chef. Here you can find a variety of dishes at lunch and dinnertime, as well as fruit and other food. There is also a dessert table every Friday.

Company cabins

Bremnes Seashore owns a cabin in Voss and an apartment in Spain. The cabin in Voss is beautifully situated in the Bavalstunet resort, just a stone’s throw from the ski lifts, and sleeps ten. The apartment in Spain is located in Altea and maintains a first class standard. It sleeps nine divided across three bedrooms, and comes with three bathrooms.


All permanent employees of Bremnes Seashore are provided with health insurance and group life insurance, in addition to other statutory insurances.

Welfare club

Bremnes Seashore has its own welfare club that works to provide and promote social and welfare measures for employees.

Environmental group

The company has its own environmental group that organises trips, fitness campaigns and other activities.

Social events

Employees are invited to various social events throughout the year.