Salmon production based on experience and wisdom

“Look to nature” is the fundamental philosophy on which our salmon production is based. From the salmon are roe until they are fully grown, we attempt to duplicate conditions in the wild to the best of our abilities based on what we know about the biology and life cycle of wild salmon. Unique processing technology and skilled employees at our state of the art harvesting, packing and processing facilities ensure that the salmon products we supply to our customers are of the very best quality.

From start to finish


Roe from the Salmo Breed strain have especially good characteristics and are based on targeted breeding. The broodstock facilities that supply the roe are certified according to the GlobalGAP standard.

Young Fish

We have three hatcheries that produce smolt. We focus on high quality smolt and have therefore developed our hatcheries to ensure they are of the very highest modern standards.

Edible fish

When salmon smolt weigh around 100 grams, they are released into the sea where they continue to grow until they can be harvested. All our locations offer great current conditions and plentiful fresh water. We make sure that our salmon are thriving by providing extra large nets so that they have lots of space in the netpens.


When salmon weigh around five kilos, they are transported live from the various farming facilities. We have an top modern slaughter plant at Bremnes Fryseri, which ensures our products are world class. The facility has a high capacity and can process up to 90 fish per minute.


We always seek to get the best out of our excellent ingredients. Since 2009, we have produced products such as the top quality, market leading SALMA at our state of the art processing plant.


We supply salmon around the globe through our sales companies Salmon Brands and Ocean Quality. If you travel to Tokyo, Sydney, Chicago, Paris or Bangkok, you can enjoy the taste of salmon from Bremnes Seashore.