Growth in line with nature

Good growing conditions that mirror nature ensure fish health and welfare. The result is high quality salmon offering excellent profitability.

Bremnes Seashore uses roe from the Salmo Breed strain, supplied by Global GAP certified broodstock facilities, as the basis for all its production. At our hatcheries, we place the roe into artificial “riverbeds” that are similar to the environments in which salmon roe develop in the wild. The result is millions of optimal quality salmon fry.

When the smolt weigh around 100-200 grams, we place them into one of our 23 farming facilities. The common denominator for all these locations are a good supply of current, as well as pure, fresh water. We adjust the facilities to ensure they are optimally located at each individual site.

In order to further increase wellbeing and improve the health of our fish, we are very committed to keeping density in the net pens low. This is why we use net pens that are extra large. The result is that in our new net pens, which have a circumference of approximately 160 metres, the fully-grown salmon swim around in an environment comprising 99 per cent water and just one per cent fish. This is roughly half of the density set as a standard by the authorities.

Another feature of our farming facilities is that we also make use of especially deep nets in the net pens. This means we allow the fish to choose which layer of water they want to be in, and the salmon can swim to the part of the sea that has the best optimum temperature for the time of year.

When a fish is put into a net pen, we leave it there until it is fully grown. We do not sort the salmon in the net pens, nor do we remove them. This means we avoid situations that may cause the fish unnecessary stress.