Unique production process

It takes just two to four hours from when the salmon is swimming in the cold sea to it being fully packed – depending on the product type. We achieve this thanks to skilled employees and a modern, world class slaughter and packing facility. Here we pack our own salmon, as well as providing slaughter and packing services to a range of other salmon producers.

Achieving the most gentle slaughter process possible, while ensuring it also remains efficient is an important for Bremnes Seashore. This is why we have established a brand new, state of the art slaughter and packing plant. Here, it takes just a few hours from when the salmon are harvested from the sea until they are fully packed.

The facility is designed with a strong focus on hygiene, which raises the quality of our final product even further. When the packing plant is also staffed by a large group of skilled employees, it is no surprise that we are known for providing our customers with the best quality.

The new packing plant has also given us greater capacity and flexibility. In 2015, we will pack around 40,000 metric tonnes of cut weight in the harvesting plant, which has a capacity of 5400 fish per hour. This means we can process up to 90 fish per minute, the equivalent of 215 metric tonnes during the course of an eight-hour shift.

This increase in production capacity has opened up new opportunities for Bremnes Seashore. We currently perform slaughter and packing services on behalf of salmon farming firms Bolaks, Austevoll Melaks and Fremskridt, who consequently receive an H-82 packing mark on their fish. The capacity and flexibility of the new factory has generated additional value for all parties.