Bremnes Seashore builds a new SALMA factory

A new processing facility enables us to produce more SALMA and BÖMLO.

The Board of the Seashore Group has decided to build a new cold store and processing facility at our factory in Kvednavikjo, Bømlo Municipality. The expansion enables us to increase our production considerably while utilising state-of-the-art sustainable production methods and energy-efficient systems.

“We have developed the leading brands SALMA and BÖMLO. Consumers want more processed products, and we intend to supply this. The new factory will allow us to process significantly larger volumes than today while increasing the range of products. Consumers worldwide can soon look forward to more high-quality salmon products from Bremnes Seashore, Salmon Brands and Sjór”, says CEO Einar Eide.

“Since 1992, the factory in Kvednavikjo has been a working laboratory for quality enhancement and product innovation, which is the basis for our strong brands. With this expansion, we will take further steps in our R&D work. We will also provide an even better workplace for our employees”, says Factory Manager Geir Ivar Ådnanes.

The first step is building the new cold store before we proceed with the processing facility. The expansion will contribute to increased capacity and lay the groundwork for more sustainable production. We expect to complete the project by the end of 2023 on a budget of over NOK 400 million. The factory will be in full production during construction.

Processing of salmon locally gives better utilisation of the raw materials and reduces the transportation weight of the products. With this new factory, we will process a larger part of our salmon production while at the same time developing new processed products using more of the fish.

“Bremnes Seashore believes that we must process more salmon locally in Norway, and we will do our part to strengthen the basis for value creation and jobs. With this expansion, we will provide work to local and regional suppliers. We will also facilitate cooperation with other actors”, says Head of Development Simon Nesse Økland